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As a millennial working in higher education, I've experienced the millennial college life, the early career millennial experience, experience as a millennial working with different generations in the workplace, and the experience as a millennial mom. Subscribe to this blog to receive millennial generation hacks, tips for working with millennials, and updates on millennial generation issues.

My name is Dr. J. Edwards and I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication (first major - Speech Communication, second major - Journalism) and Master of Arts in Communication. Then, I started working at Sam Houston State University when I was 20 as the Coordinator for Multicultural and International Student Services. This was my full-time introduction into the student affairs field (other than undergraduate experience as a resident assistant and as a graduate assistant in the Student Affairs office (at SFASU).

While working on a Doctorate of Education (Higher Education Administration) degree from Sam Houston, I taught communication courses for North Harris Montgomery Community College District (Lone Star College), Blinn College, and Sam Houston State University (online and face-to-face).

In the last semester of my doctorate, I applied for tenure track communication positions and I conversed with one of my former students about his experience at my current university. The student highly recommended the university and I participated in an interview within a few weeks. The rest is history! 

Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Assistant Vice-President for Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives. My research focuses on millennial generation issues, millennial mothers, and millennial-centric marketing (as well as higher education topics).

I speak at conferences (and companies/universities) on the following topics:

  • Academic Affairs and Student Affairs (Student Life) Collaborations for Student Success
  • Social Media and Higher Education (Marketing, etc.)
  • Incorporating Social Media to Engage Participants (Building Relationships)
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Engaging Millennial Students in the Classroom and in Higher Education
  • Working with (Communicating with) Millennial Employees/Students
  • Work-Life Balance in Higher Education
  • Retaining Undergraduate Millennial Students in Higher Education (Student Success)
  • Engaging Students in Undergraduate Research
Contact Me!
E-mail: jennifertedwards@gmail.com
Twitter/Periscope: @drjtedwards
Instagram: @drjtedwards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/millennialprofessor 

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