Monday, April 29, 2013

Connecting with Students via Facebook Groups - How Do YOU Do It?


I enjoy connecting with students through social media (especially Facebook)! So, I tried a Facebook group for the FIRST time last spring and we definitely connected! The students asked questions about the course AND about life in general!

Connecting with Students
This was great for me, because I had a chance to connect with students and still complete my administrative duties each day. Most of my connections involved walking across campus and sending messages to the students via my iPhone.

Great for Time Management
Instead of sending e-mails via Exchange or Outlook to me, we actually decided to connect via our course Facebook group. This provided me with an instant notification AND I responded in a timely manner!

Intragroup Communication
Also, the students responded to one another's questions without me having to intervene. This was the most amazing part of the semester-long process, because they were able to become content generators.

I will definitely try this again!

Any questions?


Millennial Professor

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  1. Its a great idea to connect with students and helping them in a friendly way. Many management colleges in Bangalore are using facebook just for promotion, they can be involved in this way and can get more positive results. Students will also get to know about best MBA colleges in India will be benefited.


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