Friday, February 22, 2008

Now Is the Time to Prepare for Millennial Faculty

"Now Is the Time to Prepare for Millennial Faculty" is the title of a wonderful article that is a little too late. Newsflash!!! We are already here and we are invading your campuses as adjuncts, instructors, and assistant professors. Currently, we are navigating the waters of academia and are striving to make our mark as faculty.

This article focuses on cultural differences, collaboration opportunities, technology, and how academic departments can attract millennial candidates.
Empower your millennial faculty.
Give your new/potential millennial faculty the chance to make a difference in academia. Currently, I am interested in engaging millennial students in the classroom environment. Therefore, I incorporate in every face-to-face class that I teach.
Utilize available technology.
Some professors in my department merely post their syllabus and information pertaining to class assignments. However, I organize my students into virtual focus groups (VFGs) and each group has to complete discussion questions that are focused on the current chapter. I post most of the students' grades online (except for tests administered in class) and the millennial students like the fact that they can check their grades through the "my grades" feature on
This is one of the only articles that I have found that is focused on this topic of millennial faculty and I am desperately seeking other articles.

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