Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Writing Dates! - What a GREAT Idea!

The Writing Date

The Chronicle of Higher Education had an interesting article yesterday pertaining to scholarly writing. It was called "The Writing Date" and it was written by Rachel Toor. This article was centered around the concept of "writing dates" or the weekly/monthly dates that we schedule with ourselves to write our scholarly work. I will definitely adopt the "writing date" concept for my daily writing (this blog) and my weekly writing (scholarly research).

I have to dedicate some time to the scholarly article concepts that I listed in the prior blog. If I schedule dates with myself, then I might get a few articles complete by the summer. A few articles are currently under review and I hope to hear back from those editors soon. I pray that the outcome is positive.
To keep myself accountable, I will do the following:
a) Contribute at least three blog posts a week.

b) Schedule at least two "writing dates" a week.

c) Read at least one book a week.

Please do the same. We will keep each other accountable. :)

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