Friday, March 28, 2008

Are Professors Using Technology?

Most college classrooms across the nation have data projectors, smart boards, touch screens, elmo machines, and wireless mice. These forms of technology cost colleges and universities an extra ordinate amount of money. Do college professors actually use these forms of technology their the fullest extent?

As a millennial, I try to take advantage of these forms of technology every day that I am in the classroom. This semester, I am fortunate to teach my classes in classrooms that include all of the technology listed above.

When planning my classes at the beginning of the semester, I include a brief visualization session in the planning process. During this visualization session, I adopt an undergraduate student's perspective for a brief amount of time. Then, I ask myself the following questions/statements:

What would keep me awake during class?

I would prefer a lecture that includes the following elements: A, B, C, and D.

I wish my professor would...

I would like to learn about XYZ technology this semester.

What are the most prominent issues in the media that students should know?

After answering these questions, I start revamping my syllabus. I hope that I do not overload my students every semester with Blackboard discussion questions and Youtube videos. However, I believe that I am teaching them valuable technological skills.

Today, I was inspired to write my thoughts regarding new technology in the classroom from the following article, "How to Find What Clicks in the Classroom" (by Judith Tabron).

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  1. I wouldn't worry about overloading students with virtual discussion questions or other techy means b/c many future employers will expect students to be savvy in these tech skills. They need to be able to navigate the web.

    I think the key to using tech in the classroom is "variety." The variety will keep students from nodding off. zzzzz... :)


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