Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogging is Good for Your Health

This week, Claudine Ryan of ABC Science/Discovery Health offers an article titled, "Blogging's is Good for Your Health". This article is exactly what I needed today.

This week has been a VERY busy week at XYZ university in the south. After midterms, I had to compile the grades for almost all of my classes and I have revealing the grades to each class all week. I have a presentation on Friday that I am very excited about and I hope that the audience will be as excited as well.

Wish me luck on my Friday presentation on my favorite type of college students.

Read the article, which I hope will make your day a bit brighter.


  1. Hi! Thanks for posting that. It is always good to know that something you enjoy and in my case, spend tons of time on, has good side-effects!

    Great blog, you have an interesting perspective.

  2. Jaclyn,

    I just added your blog to the top of my "noteworthy blogs" list. Thanks for being a friend on blogger.



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