Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Importance of Understanding Millennial Mannerisms and Lingo

Greetings Readers! I conducted research for the past few days and I was unable to post to the blog. The interesting thing is - I have experienced a few epiphany's over the past few weeks.

Soon, I will be 26 and I have realized that I will be an additional year older than a majority of my undergraduate students. I have enjoyed teaching (with my doctorate) at a very young age, because I feel that I relate to my students on many levels. For example, I listen to the music that they listen to and if a student orally recalls a phrase from a popular rap song, I know what he or she is referring to.

In fact, I think that seasoned professors are at a disadvantage when it comes to millennial culture.
However, I am wondering if my students relate to me differently than their other professors. In addition, I am African American and this may contribute an entirely different dynamic to the situation. Most of my students are 90% Caucasian American.

What do you think?


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