Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cafeterias and Millennial College Students (Financial Cutbacks)

I was astonished when I discovered that our college cafeteria is strongly considering the elimination of trays in the cafeteria. Obviously this has been caused by an increase in food costs, but I am worried about the health implications that this will cause for millennial students. These students want everything all at once and they may not fill up on healthy alternatives in the cafeteria if they have to walk back and forth one plate/glass at a time.

In addition, over the break I had the chance to speak with a dietitian of a community college cafeteria. She said that a significant number of the millennial students are coming into college with diabetes and are on medication. In addition, she indicated that these students eat ranch dressing with their greased-filled pizza. Amazing!

It will be interesting to see the health implications of early life McDonald's addictions and status quo infatuations with calorie-filled items (i.e. - Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, etc.) on my generation.

What do YOU think?

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