Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laptops Are NOT Allowed!!!

I do not allow students to use laptops (with wireless capability) in my classroom.

Laptops enable students to take their attention away from the lecture/group material. Usually, professors can see that a student is reading a newspaper/magazine, writing a note to a friend, or text messaging another student. However, with a laptop a student can remain incognito to a professor's glaring glance and the student can persist through class by seemingly "taking notes" (in most instances on facebook or myspace).

I graduated from graduate school last year and I am a member of the millennial generation, therefore I had a short attention span in class. During some class sessions, I could not pull myself away from grants websites or from checking my e-mail.

As a result, in my fall and spring semesters, I do not allow laptops in my classroom. The only exception occurs when my classes are held in one particular building on campus that does not have wireless capabilities.

Do you allow laptops in YOUR classrooms?


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