Friday, July 4, 2008

Do ALL College Ministries Effectively Reach Millennial Students?

Benson Hines from the Exploring College Ministry Blog ( wrote about importance of text messaging in his article titled, "Txting 4 Gen Y". I am a Christian, but I have never explored religion and text messaging. Interestingly enough, I have not functioned as a leader of a college ministry in about three years, but it was interesting for me to communicate with my millennial peers (students) about Christ. I used text messaging to stay in contact with the student leaders in the ministry, but we never thought of advertising our bible studies/college lunches via text messaging.

As I stated before, I am African American and I observed a growing number of black churches are grasping technology. However, the number of churches that are actively grasping technology are not meeting the demand of their millennial students (middle school and college). It would be interesting to see how many additional college students would begin to accept Christ if churches would use new technology to reach the students of this generation.

Read Benson Hines's article here -

-Millennial Professor

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  1. Jennifer,

    Interesting post.

    The pastor of the young adult group at my church has incorporated the use of Twitter, Myspace and Facebook as ways of reaching out to those he's leading. This has proved to be very effective. Meeting people where they are is the bottom line to ministry. As time change and the social networking sites are replaced by the next hottest thing, it would be in the best interest of the church to transition with time.

    You post really great entries!


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