Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Benefits of Using Blackboard for Testing!

There are many benefits to using blackboard.com for giving classroom tests. Here are a few...
  1. The assessment feature enables the professor to add extra credit points with ease and to correct an incorrect answer with little effort.
  2. In the pre-blackboard/scantron era (i.e. - last semester), I agonized over entering the students' grades in my gradebook because it was time consuming. Blackboard.com enables me to export grades into an Excel spreadsheet, which I import into my gradebook. This is a definite plus for me!
  3. Students get instant feedback on their test and they are also able to view their grades in the blackboard.com gradebook (i.e. - mygrades). This feature helps me tremendously, because the students always know their course grade at any given moment and I do not have to use paper to disperse their grades.
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