Monday, January 5, 2009

Does Graduate School Prepare Millennial Professors for the Professional Environment?

I really enjoyed my break. I had a chance to visit family, to shop, to wrap gifts, to CLEAN MY HOUSE, and to spend time with my husband. In addition, I temporarily gave up my "24 hour professor syndrome" for three entire weeks. However, on new year's night, I responded to e-mail in my university inbox and I completed a information security training during the celebratory ball descent. 

The interesting aspect of my eventful new year's night is...I celebrated the new year in a completely different way BEFORE graduate school and becoming a professor. Today, I operate under the mantra of professionalism at all times. I never know when I will come in contact with a student at the local Chili's restaurant, Kroger, or at Wal-Mart. 

It is amazing how graduate school acculturates future professors for their teaching job. However, I was a student services practitioner before I joined the tenure track and I gained a wealth of experience in professionalism with undergraduate students.

Do you think that professors should have professional (or more relaxed) relationships with students? Does graduate school prepare millennial professors for the professional environment?

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