Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Retrospect...Mentoring Undergraduate College Students

This weekend, my husband and I presented a workshop titled, "Student Leader to Professional" at the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference in College Station, TX.

It seems that the 50+ students who attended the workshop really appreciated the content. After the presentation, a majority of the students had questions about their job search, student organizations, internships, etc. In fact, one of the students asked me to critique her resume.
I love helping students make a successful transition from the college environment to the workplace. In fact, this transitional period is one of my strongest passions in life. Sometimes, I miss supervising undergraduate students in a managerial capacity. I always tried to make sure that they were professional at all times (personal and professional). In fact, many of the students that I supervised at my former university still serve as my mentees. 

Here's what one of my mentees wrote on facebook.

Thank you!! much of what I have become as a leader is because of you. I do have many people to thank, but a greater thanks is extended to you- as you have molded much of what I am, the first few years of a college student's career are vital. there arent enough words to thank you, Im so thankful that I had you to look up to.

This student recently graduated and I was suprised to receive a message from him. I truly enjoy observing students when they effectively apply concepts and theories in their everyday lives, but student affairs was different. I supervised students who are professional alumni of their undergraduate institution. In fact, one of the students is working on his master's degree in student affairs.

This is my second year at XYZ university, but I feel that I have to work harder to sustain a mentoring relationship with my students. Many of these students take my 100-level course as a requirement of the core curriculum. However, a few of our non-majors have taken my upperlevel classes as electives. In fact, one student (that was undecided as a freshman) decided to become a communication major and has taken EVERY class that I introduced at XYZ university (including a 400-level class when she was a freshman). I feel that I established a mentoring relationship with her and also with students in an organization that I advise.

I hope and pray that I am able to establish a mentoring relationship with our undergraduates and graduates.




  1. This is a great service that you offer! I am sure your students are/were appreciative!

  2. This was a great event. I'm glad we were able to offer this service!


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