Friday, April 24, 2009

The 150th Post! Thank you!

Today is my 150th post. This has been a LONG journey, but a much needed one. Sometimes, I feel that I have to express my gratitude, triumphs, and sorrows to someone. This blog and all of you (the readers) enabled me to blossom during the past year and a half.

Through this blog, I have come in contact with many interesting people. This people include:
a) Amy - The Ch-Ch-Changing Librarian
b) Amanda - An outstanding librarian from my institution
c) Dr. Lora (*smile) - My SSCA friend and research partner
d) The Millennial Law Professor
e) Jaclyn Schiff - A fellow millennial, who is bound to make a strong impact on society.
f) Dr. Julie-Ann M. McFann - The new professor mentor.
I have been intellectually touched by many of you, but sometimes I forget your names. Please forgive me if I accidentally left your name off of the list.

If you have not subscribed to this blog, please do so. I keep a running count of readers, followers, and subscribers through google. It makes me happy when I have a few additional readers than the previous day! :)

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  1. CONGRATS...but I have to say thank YOU--your blog is awesome and I'm very excited to see your research line growing and a forum for the exchange of ideas that relate directly to my life as a faculty member and a millennial. Keep it up!
    ~~ Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason (aka: Dr. Lora by all of my students)


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