Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teaching Online: Pros and Cons (Chronicle of Higher Education)

As many of you know, I teach "COMS 101 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication" in an online format. There are many pros and cons of teaching a college course in an online format. Recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education published two articles in their commentary section titled "Teaching Online: 2 Perspectives".

The first article, "A Reaffirmation of Why I Became an Educator", focused on the benefits of teaching online and the second article, "I'll Never Do It Again", focused on the negative aspects of teaching online. These articles can be accessed by clicking the links above.

What do YOU think about teaching a college course online?


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  1. I would like to read these two articles but the links do not work. Could you email the articles or working links to them? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
    Dr. Ellis

  2. The web links don't open.

  3. Those articles are here:


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