Monday, November 9, 2009

"10 Ways Colleges Can Work With Their Communities"

Today, I finally had a chance to sort through my pile of articles from Chronicle of Higher Education. One article I saved is titled, "10 Ways Colleges Can Work With Their Communities" (Sarkisian & Taylor, 2009, p. A28). This article focuses on how higher education institutions can build a relationship with their surrounding communities through service learning initiatives. Here is the list from the article:
  1. Form partnerships with local non-profit organizations that share its institutional mission and vision.
  2. Offer campus spaces for community use.
  3. Adopt a public-school district.
  4. Adopt a local nonprofit or citizen-action organization.
  5. Offer scholarships to local students.
  6. Establish a faculty-speakers bureau.
  7. Encourage professors to make mutual beneficial service-learning assignments.
  8. Work with local officials to create a "Day of Service".
  9. Become a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award.
  10. Document community-service activities conducted by members of your campus community.
Every faculty and staff member should consider adopting these relationship-building initiatives with their surrounding communities. EVERYONE can do something! Form a partnership with a colleague or start something on your own, but MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

J. Edwards (Millennial Professor)


Sarkisian, G. V. & Taylor, S. (2009, September 11). 10 ways colleges can work with their communities. The Chronicle of Higher Education, p. A28.

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