Wednesday, February 10, 2010

People Like Me: A Unique Marketing Strategy Utilized by For- Profit Universities

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile, but it seems that every time a commercial is released, there is a new one to replace it.

Recently, my area of Texas has experienced an increase in the amount of for-profit universities (i.e. - Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, etc.). These universities have embraced a marketing strategy that tends to appeal to the average working adult, single mother, and disgruntled student. I am very impressed with their marketing strategy and I think many people may take advantage of their services (now and in the future). Their commercials feature students of both genders, many racial backgrounds, and lifestyles. In fact, some of these commercials are so appealing that I wish many traditional universities would replicate their marketing strategy by using social media websites (i.e. youtube).

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  1. Since you mention the Kaplan ads, I should mention the mashup I had made a while ago. There were things that bothered me a bit about the commercial (the second on you list on the page) and I first wrote a blog entry about it. But then, it struck me that that was an exceedingly academic thing to do. Would it not be better to structure my comments using the same media tools used by the commercial.

    You can see the original and the mashup by going to
    thanks ~ punya


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