Thursday, April 22, 2010

Encouraging Students to Copyright their Creative Works!

Our students work hard on their class assignments and most of the time, these assignments are diverted to File 13 (the trash or a forgotten folder) after the class ends. However, in the higher education environment, we are encouraging students to present or publish their undergraduate research. This provides students and faculty to showcase concepts learned in the classroom and how the student(s) was/were able to gain new knowledge within a semester's time frame.

In addition, to the higher education environment, some high school teachers encourage their students to create and maintain wikis. These wikis enable high school students to have a record of their educational development. As a result of their students' efforts, faculty and K-12 educators might want to encourage their students to copyright their materials through the website Creative Commons.

Creative Commons - Draft 1

Millennial Professor
Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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  1. It's also not that expensive to register a work with the US Copyright Office. I did this in 2004 with a paper I wrote in graduate school to protect my rights - the paper had been plagiarized in a peer review.


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