Monday, July 26, 2010

Forming Teams and Breaking Ice: Ways to Increase Student Interaction and Engagement in the College Classroom


Are you looking for some GREAT team building activities for the beginning of the semester? Try this link -

This website features MANY activities and ideas including the following team builders:

1. Human Bingo (College students LOVE this one!)

2. Marooned (I've never tried this one.)

3. 2 Minute Mixer (i.e. - SPEED DATING in CLASS...)

4. The Power of Story

5. Table Topics (i.e. - Informative Speeches OR Conversation Starters)

6. Would You Rather...

7. If You Had a Magic Wand (I cannot WAIT to try this one!)

8. Where in the World?

9. Photo Scavenger Hunt

10. The Name Game

Let me know what you think? Please post some other great team builders by replying to this message. :)


Millennial Professor 

Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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