Monday, August 23, 2010

The Class of 2014 - Benoit College College Freshman Mindset List (My Response)

Every year, I look forward to receiving the Benoit College Mindset list for college students!

However, as a millennial, I have to question some items. I experienced a similar skepticism as the author of the following article:

Do College Students Really Think Beethoven Is A Dog? : Monkey See : NPR

Here is the mindset list for my college graduating class (see if you can figure out the year). :)

"Spam" and "cookies" are not necessarily foods.
Uh - Both of these were foods in my life as a teenager! :)

The Osmonds are talk show hosts.
True - I had no idea who the Osmonds were until a few years ago.

They neither know who Billy Joe was, nor wondered what he was doing on the Talahatchee Bridge.
True - I still do not know who this is...

"Coming out" parties celebrate more than debutantes.
True :)

They have never heard a phone "ring."
False - Hey, I grew up in the country! My grandmother had a rotary phone!

Woodstock is a bird or a reunion, not a cultural touchstone.
False - I LOVE Woodstock and the 60s!

There has always been a national holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.
True - Yup!

We have always been able to receive television signals by direct broadcast satellite.
True - Yes, really HUGE ones!
False - I moved to the country and everyone had rabbit ears!

They have always bought telephones, rather than rent them from AT&T.
True - However, people had the option to rent. :) I knew some people who did rent telephones!

A "45" is a gun, not a record with a large hole in the center.
True - I agree. :)

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.


  1. I could use my librarian skills and figure this out, but that would be cheating.

    Check the library's blog tomorrow - I picked 10 from this year's list that I thought were relevant.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I cannot wait to read the entry! I will link it to my blog. :)



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