Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall 2010 - Fourth Year Tenure Track (Let's Get Er Done!)


The semester will begin on Monday. I am thrilled! For some odd reason, I REALLY enjoy meeting my students on the first day of classes. However, this year will be slightly different. I am teaching two upper-level communication studies courses and two lower-level communication courses that meet the university core requirement. The lower-level courses will be 100% online and this is the first time that I will teach half of my courses virtually and the other half face-to-face (during a long semester).

This semester I will have a great time teaching my classes and serving on a university committees. The committees that I really enjoy are: college curriculum, faculty development fund, faculty development (training), and I hope that I will enjoy the library committee. <- I heart our university library! As for research, I was able to accomplish A LOT this summer! Submitting conference proposals, writing award submissions, administering a grant, writing articles, writing letters of recommendations for students, and teaching classes. <- All while learning to use the iPad. :) Now, I am down to crunch time... Here's my to do list before Monday's classes: 1. Finish my syllabi 2. Outline two textbook chapters for two courses (both are new textbooks) 3. Update my gradekeeper files (with the new students' names) 4. Update blackboard for four courses. That's it! Let's see how much I can accomplish! J. Edwards Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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