Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blackboard Users: EMBEDDING is your BEST FRIEND!


Since blackboard is my BEST friend, this summer I started embedding EVERYTHING. Surveys, rubrics, etc. I teach two courses online and two upper-level courses and it is not an easy process to change (or update a power point/document). Uploading is a cumbersome process and it requires users to:

1. Plug in the external drive.
2. Find the file.
3. Correct the file.
4. Log on to blackboard.
5. Find the course.
6. Find the document I need to replace.
7. Delete the document I need to replace.
8. Find my new document on the external drive (the corrected file).
9. Upload the corrected file.
10. Change the username.
*I have to go through these steps EVERY semester!

Now, with my favorite program of all time (Google Documents). I can create a document, embed the document, and add a link (for users who have a firewall).

Here are the steps that I follow:
1. Create the presentation.
2. Share the presentation (upper-right hand corner).
3. Embed the presentation on blackboard.

If I EVER need to update the document, I simply log on to my Google Docs account and correct the document without EVER logging on blackboard! Voila!

Here is a sample Google Presentation for my Intercultural Communication course:

Here is a sample Google Presentation for my Online Communication course:

There are numerous opportunities for Google Presentations! Any additional ideas?

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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