Monday, September 13, 2010

Cram101 - Barnes & Noble - A Review


As a big fan of Cliff Notes for literature courses in college, I thought that these small yellow books were a great idea for "revisiting books" if a person does not have time to read the novel again.

However, college textbooks are a DIFFERENT animal. Most college textbooks are 300 - 400 pages long and most instructors only include a percentage of the chapters on their syllabus and in their classes. With the reduction in the number of chapters assigned in a class, why would a student need Cram 101 (Cram101 - Barnes and Noble)?

Textbook companies produce an array of resources for their consumers! MOST of these resources are FREE.

However, I know that some students will LOVE this product. In fact, as a college student (a few years ago), I probably would use this same product to check my knowledge of the book. In fact, I would probably have purchased several of these books with my friends and swapped these books back and forth.

What do you think? Would your students use this product?

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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