Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are You a Professor-On-The-Go? Well, Google Voice is for You!


I am one of those "very odd" people who does not like to give my personal cell phone number to my students. As a result, I started using Google Voice in June 2010. I created a Google Voice number (based in Waco) and I added the number to my syllabus and university voice mail.

Whenever a student calls the telephone number they also call my cell phone and office phone number (I can set the service to only ring during certain hours and/or on certain days - i.e. - not on weekends). When I do not have time to talk to them, I just send them a text message and the students usually appreciate this aspect of Google Voice.

In addition to the calling and text message feature, Google Voice also transcribes your voice messages to text AND saves the voice message in my e-mail. This is very helpful when you are attending a meeting and/or teaching class.

I use Google Talk to communicate with friends and colleagues via video chat (on Gmail) and I make free calls at work through the software (without even picking up the telephone)!

This is an essential resource for professors-on-the-go! I value this service and I hope that they continue to provide this FREE service for us!

If you would like some more TIPS for using Google Voice, read this great article from Life Hacker -

Ask questions about this wonderful program for Friday's "Ask a Millennial Professor" post! 

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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