Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Annual "Communication Department" Christmas Party! - VERY Exciting!


I absolutely LOVE our annual "Communication Department" Christmas party! I look forward to this celebration EVERY year! A dear colleague and I revived the Christmas party in 2009 and another colleague picked the planning process up this year. We always have the party in our meeting room during lunch time.

This year we had a traditional Texas BBQ (no brisket for me, just chicken) with beans, cornbread salad, Texas toast, jalapeƱos, and three types of dessert (including smores). Yum! 

After the delectable lunch, we had a wonderful white elephant gift exchange! Our limit was $25.00 from your house! This year, my gift was: Learn Italian software, Learn French software, a cookbook, Theraflu, and candy. I received FIVE recent award-winning DVDs! Yay!

A few weeks ago, I received this link via my RSS feed - Alternatives to the Holiday Office Party

I enjoy this celebration because this is the ONLY time that the entire department can get together during the year! 

If your office does not have an annual Christmas party, here's a great idea resource for you.

(  ) Schedule an Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
(X) Hold an In-House Catered Lunch with Employee Fun and Games
(  ) Participate in a Holiday Card Exchange
(  ) Make a Charitable Contribution in Lieu of an Office Party
(X) Schedule an Employee Potluck Lunch
(  ) Decorate Your Office, Cubicle, Work Area Contest
(  ) Pick a Secret Santa Pal
(  ) Plan an Office Party for a Different Season
(  ) Hold the Office Party - Put Keep It Low-Key and Casual
X = Our choice!

We had a great time! How was your holiday party?

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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