Friday, January 14, 2011

"Ask a Millennial Professor" Friday - "How Do You Grade on Blackboard Using the iPad?"


Happy "Ask a Millennial Professor" Friday! Here's this week's question:

Hi Dr. Edwards,

I recently came across your experiences with the iPad in the college classroom.  I am a college professor as well and was very excited about not only the integration of the iPad in the higher education classroom but the usefulness for me personally. I must say, though, I  never purchased the iPad personally as I was not able to access and grade papers through Blackboard (my son has one).  I could get on Bb, but couldn't see all student submissions or open them.  However, I noticed you mention that you use the iPad to grade through Bb.  I was hoping you would enlighten me...I must be missing something obvious?


[Name of Professor], Ed. D

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Here's my response:

Dr. [Name of Professor],

Thank you for your question! Currently, our university uses Blackboard (CE Enterprise License - Release 8.0). This particular version of blackboard is very compatible with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (which my students use before and after class). I am able to see their submissions (which emerge in another window) and I am able to grade their submissions in an additional window. Now, I know that my last statement may seem a little "window" heavy, but the iPad is the multitasking machine!

To help with the large number of attachments that can emerge from each of your online and hybrid classes, I recommend that you have your students create a Google Documents account and submit their papers via Google. This has helped my grading process become a little less time consuming since I can grade on the go!

Thank you for your e-mail!


J. Edwards

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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