Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IJ-SoTL: Current Issue: Volumn 5, Number 1 - January 2011


I am excited to announce that the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning just released their FIRST issue for 2011! This issue is their fifth anniversary issue! Congratulations on such a great issue IJ-SoTL - LINK!

Here is a list of the articles featured in this issue:

*Thanks IJ-SoTL!

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

Feature Essays
Getting There: An Integrative Vision of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Pat Hutchings (Carnegie Foundation), Mary Taylor Huber (Carnegie Foundation) & Tony Ciccone (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 
Invited Essays on SoTL
Current Perspectives on SoTL
Lorraine Stefani (University of Auckland)
Improving Group Functioning in Solving Realistic Problems
Sassan Asgari & Gloria Dall'Alba (University of Queensland)
What's Stalling Learning? Using a Formative Assessment Tool to Address Critical Incidents in Class
H. Brooke Hessler (Oklahoma City University) & Amy Rupiper Taggart (North Dakota State University)
Inquiry Learning: Level, Discipline, Class Size, What Matters?
Susan Vajoczki, Susan Watt & Michelle M. Vine (McMaster University), Xueqing (Rose) Liao (University of Toronto)
Developing a Statistically Valid AND Practically Useful Student Evaluation Instrument
Jeff Skowronek, Bruce Friesen, & Heather Masonjones (University of Tampa)
The Influence of Tech-Savvyness and Clicker Use on Student Learning
Jennifer A. Zapf & Adolfo J. Garcia (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)

Exploring the Variation in First Year Undergraduates' Induction into Their Academic Disciplines
Min Yang, Beverley Joyce & Michael Prosser (University of Hong Kong)

The Potential for Teaching Quantitative Reasoning across the Curriculum
Nathan Grawe (Carleton College)
Business as Usual: Business Students' Conceptions of Ethics
Anna Reid (University of Sydney), Paul Taylor & Peter Petocz (Macquarie University)
The Power of Fiction: Reading Stories in Abnormal Psychology
Adrian S. Janit, Georgina S. Hammock & Deborah S. Richardson (Augusta State University)
What Really Matters: Assessing Individual Problem-Solving Performance in the Context of Biological Sciences
William L. Anderson, Cheryl A. Sensibaugh, Marcy P. Osgood & Steven M. Mitchell (University of New Mexico)

Essays About SoTL
Which Way to SoTL Utopia?
John Draeger (Buffalo State College) & Linda Price (Open University, UK)
Going to the Balcony: Two Professors Reflect and Examine Their Pedagogy
Linda J. Searby (University of Alabama at Birmingham) & Jenny S. Tripses (Bradley University)
Mapping the Field of Statistics Education Research in Search of Scholarship
Linda van der Merwe & Annette Wilkinson (University of the Free state)

IJ-SoTL Reviewers: Getting SoTL Articles Published
On Publishing SoTL Articles
Trent Maurer (Georgia Southern University)
What Makes a Great Article for IJ-SoTL
Patricia Rogers (Bemidji State University)
Exemplary Dissemination: Sowing Seed in IJ-SoTL
Nicola Simmons (University of Waterloo)
What Makes for a High Quality IJ-SoTL Research Article?
Lorraine Stefani (University of Auckland)
Identifying High Quality SoTL Research
Jeffrey L. Bernstein (Eastern Michigan University)

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