Tuesday, January 4, 2011

International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - IJTLHE New Issue: 22(1)


As all of you know, I LOVE reading journal articles for fun! Well, it IS fun to discover effective ways to use technology and to use new teaching methods in the classroom. Here is a list of articles from the recent issue of the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Enjoy! 

Here's the link to the journal - http://www.isetl.org/ijtlhe/current.cfm

Balancing Theory and Practical Work in a Humanoid Robotics Course
» » Krister Wolff; Mattias Wahde;

Co-Creating Metaphor in the Classroom for Deeper Learning: Graduate Student Reflections
» » Ashlee Cunsolo Willox; Sherilee Harper; Dawson Bridger; Stephanie Morton; Ariella Orbach; Silvia Sarapura;

Developing an Undergraduate Global Citizenship Program: Challenges of Definition and Assessment
» » Jill Sperandio; Magdalena Grudzinski-Hall; Hannah Stewart-Gambino;

Exploring Leadership as a Phenomenon in an Educational Leadership Paper: An Innovative Pedagogical Approach Opens the Unexpected
» » David Giles; Michele Morrison;

How Prepared are the U.S. Preservice Teachers to Teach English Language Learners?
» » Aydin Yucesan Durgunoglu; Trudie Hughes;

Inquiry Based Method: A Case Study to Reduce Levels of Resistance
» » Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers;

Introducing Students to Ways of Thinking and Acting Like a Researcher: A Case Study of Research-led Education in the Sciences
» » Krisztina Valter; Gerlese Akerlind;

Linking Communalism to Achievement Correlates for Black and White Undergraduates
» » Kenneth Tyler; Keisha Love; Carrie Brown; Clarissa Roan-Belle; Denela Thomas; Patton Garriott;

Master’s Degree “Educating in Diversity” (MDED): Toward Inclusion Education Quality
» » Olga M. Alegre; Luis M. Villar;

Performance Assessment: Lessons from Performers
» » Kelly A. Parkes;

Perspective-Taking in Structured and Unstructured Online Discussions
» » Scott Chadwick; Ekaterina Ralston;

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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