Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Four Days of Snow!!!


Texas is covered in a blanket of snow and my husband and I have been out of school for the past FOUR days! One of today's news stories focused on cabin fever. No, I will admit that we do not have cabin fever yet. Nor, do I think that I will ever get cabin fever on a snow day. :)

During our snow days, my daily schedule included: 

  1. updating blackboard
  2. responding to e-mail
  3. updating my students' help documents for their research papers
  4. conducting office hours
  5. researching protection motivation theory
  6. cleaning the house
  7. conducting research and dating the library databases again... (it is a love-hate relationship, because I love logging on to the databases, but I hate them because I end up spending hours upon hours on the databases finding interesting articles).
  8. AND keeping a cheerful attitude while being a great wife and mommy to my dog.

Snow days are fun, but I am almost caught up with my grading and I cannot wait to finally finish grading papers tomorrow (so I can finish my non-fiction book this week... I am very behind in my book club). :)

Take care & stay warm!


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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