Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Neat is Your Desk? A List of Several Essential Items for Your Desk


As faculty members, we need to step away from our teaching, research, and service requirements to organize our lives. Does your desk reflect a strong or weak level of organization to your vistors (students and faculty)? I strive to begin and end my days with a clean desk. I always keep Lysol in my desk drawer to minimize the amount of bacteria present in my workspace. Aside from bacteria, I like to keep several important items on my desk. One of the most important items in my workspace is my label maker. I use this very important device to organize my file folders, binders, electroic devices, and student work.

The magazine Real Simple created a great list titled, "All You Need in Your Desk Drawer". Here is the list of important items:

- Forever Stamps
- Personal stationery (Note Cards, Thank You Cards, etc.)
- A black permanent marker (grading, etc.)
- A silver permanent marker (to use on dark paper)
- An angle-tip highlighter (I use BIC Bright Liners)
- Correction tape, to fix mistakes (similar to the liquid stuff, but without the drying time).
- Mechanical pencils (I use Papermate brand pencils)
- Titanium scissors (they stay sharp for years)
- Large paper clips.
- Small and large sticky notes (to do lists, grading reminders, reminders, notes for students)
- A box of your favorite pens: Use (and lose) only one at a time.
- A classic stapler (I use the Streamline upright stapler)
- A weighted tape dispenser that holds a fat roll of tape.

Here's the link to their article -

It was a great article and it was an eye-opener for me!


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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