Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Environmental Communication Week 2011 @ Tarleton State University - Day Two


The second day of Environmental Communication Week was amazing! Here is a list of today's events...

Fiction/Non-Fiction Book Swap (Bring a Book, Take a Book)
Where: Library Foyer (By the Circulation Desk)
Description: Do you need new books to read over the summer? Do you have some books to give away? Participate in the Fiction/Non-Fiction Book Swap! Thanks to you, many used books (new to you) will be available daily!
11AM - 12PM
Human Health and Ecological Consequences of Occurrence of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment -
Presented By: Dr.Sudarshan Kurwadkar
Where: Library Instruction Classroom (LIC 139)
Description: How DO you properly dispose of your pharmaceutical medicines to minimize your affect on the environment? Attend this interactive lecture to find out!
12PM - 1PM
Webinar – Earth Day: The Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later
Where: Library Instruction Classroom (LIC 139)
Description: How DID last year's oil spill affect the environment? Come to this session to find out!
1PM - 2PM
WATER TRIVIA! (Door Prizes) & What IS a Watershed and Why Is It Important?
Presented By: The Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER)
Where: Dick Smith Library Multipurpose Room
Description: Win awesome door prizes through water trivia! Find out about the Clean Water Act and discover the TRUE definition of a WATERSHED!
2:30PM - 4PM
Movie – No Impact Man
Where: Dick Smith Library Multipurpose Room
Description: Discover how one REGULAR family lives in the city and reduces their carbon footprint to MINIMAL levels in their year-long journey to go green! No electricity, no Starbucks, no new clothes, etc.
4PM - 5PM
Horticulture Club – Gardening 101 Workshop
Where: Tarleton Horticulture Center
Description: A fun and interactive workshop for beginning gardeners AND seasoned gardeners! Discover how to grow your own produce (and save money in the process).

This has been one amazing day! I love engaging students in fun, educational activities and working with my planning partner, Prof. Cristi Horton to promote the Communication Studies Department by working with other departments on campus! :)

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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