Monday, May 9, 2011

Adopt This Technology! - SIEMENS STEM Academy


During Environmental Communication Week 2011, formed co-sponsorships with the Dick Smith Library, the University's Staff Council, and various local businesses in the Stephenville area. However, when we released the first "call for papers", we did not receive any proposals for workshops or paper submissions. This was not a positive start to a week-long program! As a result, we began looking for free webinars online. 

Since we were focusing on environmental communication and my husband is a science teacher who is very interested in STEM education, we started looking for STEM resources. We found the Siemens STEM Academy's website - Since we were hosting a week-long event, we found a webinar focused on environmental education that occurred during ECW 2011, Earth Day: The Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later with Jeff Corwin". 

At first, I was reluctant to choose a webinar from this website because its primary audience was junior high and high school students. However, the information was VERY informative and our audience (myself included) throughly enjoyed the presentation! I would definitely recommendation this wonderful resource for other college classes who are interested in environmental education/environmental communication.


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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