Monday, June 27, 2011

ALA/ACRL Conference Recap/Thank You EBSS!!!


Today, I just arrived back from the ACRL/ALA conference in New Orleans, LA and I am THANKFUL to the Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (especially Dr. Vanessa Earp) for inviting me to speak for one of their sessions! I had a great time delivering the presentation and I received a wealth of questions and great feedback after the presentation. Click here for my presentation: LINK

Not surprisingly, my presentation and my millennial approach was very different from my counterpart, Dr. Gene Roche, Director of Academic Information from  College of William and Mary. He presented an alternate perspective of the millennial college student and he incorporated research focused on the mental processes of college students. Then he posed a question focused on whether or not colleges and universities should appeal to millennial college students' wants, needs, and learning styles OR should millennials adapt to the college environment.

Here's my perspective, every organization changes at least one aspect of their policies, procedures, or processes to attract future members/employees and to retain current members/employees. Higher education institutions are no different, they have to adapt as well. New recruitment methods, new services and programs, and new (revised) teaching methods are essential if these organizations wish to remain relevant for the current and future student/faculty/staff populations.

As a result, Dr. Roche and I complemented each other's presentations by presenting a vastly different point of view focused on millennial college students. Thank you ACRL Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (especially Dr. Vanessa Earp) for this wonderful opportunity!


Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards
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