Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take a Virtual Vacation - My 5 Favorite iPad/iPod Games


This summer has been filled with student interactions and organizing my home for the fall semester. Between those two very important (and time consuming) items, I have developed a virtual affair with my iPad games. I play 10 minutes of an iPad game when I need to refocus on an activity, when I am in the doctor's waiting room, or when I simply need to take a virtual mini vacation. Here are the games that I have been enjoying this summer!

1 - Scrabble HD

2 - Angry Birds - Rio

3 - Wedding Dash

4 - The Price is Right (My mom LOVES this one)
The Price is Right â„¢ HD

5 - Boggle

Wonderful iPad/iPod games! Do you have any games to contribute to the list? 


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