Monday, September 19, 2011

Healthy Meals for Professors-on-the-Go (1/5) - Stocking Your Office with Healthy Snacks for Your Busy Lifestyle


This semester, my health goals have focused on eating fruits, veggies, and fast/healthy goods in my office while working on my action items for the week. For the first few weeks, I started the backwards slide towards sugary items after the 3pm office slump. However, this week I started the week on the right foot and I brought several healthy items to the office including the following:

- Justin's Almond Nut Butter (Small Packages)
- Kashi Pita Crackers (A GREAT product!)
- Planter's Nutrition Mix
- Green Grapes, Red Plums, and Avocados
- Two Lean Cuisines - my fridge can only hold TWO meals :(
- A Large Bottle of Ozarka

As you can see, this week is dedicated to educators who are actively seeking more energy and small start towards living a healthy lifestyle when they have limited time to do so. This week, look forward to several quick tips and recipes focused on fast meals that you can integrate into your morning and afternoon routines.



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