Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healthy Meals for Professors-on-the-Go (3/5) - Wandering Wednesdays - The Healthy Professor Blog


Today's Wandering Wednesday's post is focused on "The Healthy Professor Blog". This blog is written by Dr. Nina Marinello for one of her local newspaper's websites. She is the Chair of Nutrition at the Sage Colleges and her posts focus on her classroom, her personal (and healthy) interests, and several tips for the community!

One of her most recent posts is titled "Fatigue, Food, and Friday". Here's the funny thing, I experience this phenomenon every Friday. During my 3pm slump, I have to find some nourishment and my body says...SOMETHING WITH SUGAR PLEASE! So, lately, I have been prepared to answer this daily message from my body with grapes and a cup of green tea.

I can tell that she LOVES her job, but I realize that sometimes we can become so focused on our work that we forget to eat and our bodies can definitely remind us of our mishap by growling or completing shutting down at 3pm/5pm. I can relate to many of her messages and I hope that she will continue posting messages to this blog!

Here's one of her most recent video-based posts. My husband LOVED the video and he plans to use it in his Biology classroom.


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