Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Spooky Ways to Integrate Adobe Software in Higher Education (Post 22/31): Providing Students with National and International Presentation Experiences without Leaving the Campus


Over the past few semesters, our department (Communication Studies) has started to focused on providing our students with REAL experiences (interactive, out-of-the classroom experiences focused on classroom content) for our students. For example, I teach Organizational Communication and Intercultural Communication. We have a conference every fall semester to showcase our students' work and also to provide students with critical thinking experiences (especially when presenting information to an audience and answering their questions).

Adobe Connect would be the PERFECT outlet for our students to reach a larger audience without the manpower and financial overhead it takes to plan a large conference. We could advertise the monthly sessions via the Communication Studies Department's Facebook ( and Twitter page (

Here is an example of how the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health disperses research through informative lectures delivered around the world via Adobe Connect.

Processing Question - What are some ADDITIONAL ways that Adobe Connect can be used in the classroom setting?


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