Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Media Conference 2011 (#SMC2011) - How We Marketed/Promoted the Event


I thought that this would be a great time to share our marketing methods for the conference. 

- Our wonderful Marketing and Communications Department (Tarleton State University) posted an article focused on our conference. - LINK

- A great article was written about the conference by our campus newspaper, the J-Tac. - LINK

- Flyers were distributed across campus

- We were featured on the downtown marquee!

- Every student, faculty, and staff received e-mails from TSMRI in August, September, October, and November reminding them to register for the conference!

- We posted the conference on a WEALTH of social media, information sciences, and communication studies websites.

- We used social media (i.e. - Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.) to communicate with potential attendees and sponsors!

Do you have any suggestions for next year? We would like to make the conference BIGGER and BETTER next November! :)


J. Edwards

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