Friday, November 4, 2011

Student Affairs and Technology Series (4/4) - The Office of Academic Advising at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay


I understand that this is a SHORT series, but I wanted to make sure that I highlighted Eric Stoller's Blog, Student Affairs and Technology (hosted by Inside Higher Ed).

Recently, he wrote a post titled, "#AcAdv: Social Media Spookiness & Strategy from UWGB". 

In his blog post, Stoller wrote, "The Office of Academic Advising at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay" has, according to Sanders, "taken to the social web in a big way since July. They've ditched safe and cautious, for risky and fun. This isn't a social web success story, it's a story on the reevaluation of current communication practices... daring to stand out, putting in the extra effort, not fearing failure."

Here's their Facebook account:

Here's their Facebook account:

Here's one of their most recent Youtube videos:

Processing Question: Since this department is currently using Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, how could they use Foursquare or Blogger to reach students?

Here's shoutout to Eric for having such a terrific blog! - Follow Eric Stoller on Twitter @EricStoller


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