Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Texas Blackboard Users Conference (3/5) - Conference Schedule & Our Session (Establishing Collaboration Opportunities in Your Online Class)


Today, I have to examine the T-BUG schedule to figure out which sessions I plan to attend.

I downloaded this PDF schedule to my iPad library for easy access (even without internet or 3G access - which can be VERY spotty in hotels).

Here are the session tracks:


Of interest to anyone who is going through an upgrade, about to go through an upgrade, or thinking 
about doing an upgrade.

Held Desk, Technology Teams, Student Support Staff,
Faculty Support Staff, Instructional Designers. Of i
nterest to anyone who supports Blackboard users.

Instructors, Adjuncts, Teaching Assistants, Course
Designers, Instructional Designers.  Of interest to
anyone who delivers or designs instructional contents.

Come see what the vendors are doing and how they 
collaborate with Blackboard to enhance your current

Here's our session:

Room: Longhorn IV

Establishing Collaboration Opportunities in Your Online 

Credence Baker, Tarleton State University
Jennifer T. Edwards, Tarleton State University
In this session, you’ll be introduced to several different free       
web-based tools that can be used to foster collaboration among 
students in your online class. Incorporating collaboration           
opportunities gives students a chance to sharpen their virtual-team 
skills, and allows you to provide students with real-time scaffolding 
and feedback, monitor progress, and keep track of who has      
contributed to a project

Processing Question: Every session seems very interesting! Which sessions should I attend?


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