Friday, November 11, 2011

Texas Blackboard Users Conference (5/5) - Dr. Rena Palloff and Dr. Keith Pratt's Presentation

The Virtual Student Book

Hi everyone!

The last day of the conference, we had the pleasure of listening to authors, Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt! Here are three of their books:

The Future of Online Education...
- Bandwidth has increased, storage has increased, access has increased, technology is more reliable, and internet access is ubiquitous.
- Collaboration and social networking are becoming the norm.

Barriers to Online Education...
-A percentage of students still dial up.
Some students cannot afford computers at home.
As technology becomes more complex, additional training is needed.
People resist the use of technology that is not simple or that affords clear benefit to them.
Social networking is blurring boundaries.

The Introduction of New Hardware is Driving Online Learning
- iPads and other Personal Access Devices
- Cell Phones - Smart Phones
- Presentation Technology

Games and Virtual Words
- We are likely to see increased development and use of applications like Second Life in education.
The ability to use simulation for application activities is likely to increase as a result and move us further away from tests and quizzes to measure competence.

Personalized Learning
- Self-paced, modular, and based on individual studnet needs.
- Networks and conversations rather than content.
- Learning Management Systems (LMS) may go away in favor of a collection of tools or applications to support individualized learning.

Thank you Wiley Publishing for the FREE book! I hope to post a review soon!

Processing Question (from the presentation) - How will you prepare for the future? How can we prepare our students for their future?


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