Monday, January 30, 2012

Have You Entered the "Adobe Products in Higher Education" Contest!


We have a few days until the "Adobe Products in Higher Education" contest ends! :( The Millennial Professor blog is sponsoring this contest with the Communication in Higher Education blog ( Dr. Helvie-Mason and I are avid users of the Adobe Creative Suite and we are offering the following contest for all of you! 

If you have a GREAT idea for using Adobe Products in Higher Education, please feel free to submit the idea on the form below...

The WINNER of this contest will receive free software products from the ADOBE COMPANY! Very exciting right? I am elated! :)

If you have ANY questions, please type them in the blog response box below. 

The contest ends mid-February! So, enter the contest as soon as possible! :)

Good luck!


Dr. J. Edwards (and Dr. L. Helvie-Mason)


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