Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Higher Education Faculty/Staff and Stress - "Group Stress Reduction Techniques"


Today's post is focused on "Group Stress Reduction Techniques" among faculty and staff  in higher education. To reduce stress, our department often does one or more of the following...

1 - Group Impromptu Meetings - When one higher education professional meets with other higher education professionals, the venting and idea generation process begins! Among the faculty in the communication studies department, our BEST ideas emerge from these meetings (i.e. - nominating another faculty member for an award, etc.).

2 - Eating Lunch and Eating Lunch OFTEN! - The instructors and faculty enjoy spending time with one another and eating! As a result, our meetings usually revolve around food and special celebrations.

3 - Collaborative Writing - My colleagues and I enjoy publishing together. This reduces the amount of stress that we experience when writing articles alone. As a former writer who published alone, it was very hard for me to work with others, but now I value the help!

Do you have any "group stress reduction techniques" to contribute to the list?


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