Monday, February 27, 2012

Higher Education Faculty/Staff and Stress - My Stress Reduction Strategies. :)


This week is focused on something that everyone who works in the higher education environment usually experiences at one time or another...STRESS! I am focused on stress reduction and the different techniques that people adopt to reduce their stress.

First, I will start with several things that I do when I am stressed out from teaching classes and research.

1 - Graphic Design - I LOVE designing fliers, t-shirts, logos, brochures, etc. Recently, I started designing announcement cards (i.e. - birth announcements, etc.) for friends and family.

2 - Shopping at Thrift Stores - Surprisingly, I enjoy walking around our local Goodwill to discover ideas from other people's projects (i.e. - art projects, holiday projects, clothing projects, gardening, etc.). This is a HUGE stress reducer for me, because I have a small glimpse into another person's life for a small amount of time AND I get to purchase materials for a reduced cost (either to give to friends and family or to re-purpose inside of my own home).

3 - Gardening - I was very excited to start my garden a few weeks ago. I cleared all of my plants from last year (a few of them were still alive - swiss chard, etc.) and I started anew! Now, I have the following plants growing in my garden - red/green/orange/yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, stevia, kale, strawberries, etc.

What do YOU do to reduce your stress from the higher education environment.


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