Monday, February 6, 2012

Save Your Data Week! Backing Up Your Data by Using 5 Methods (USB Drives)


I purchased by first USB drive from a Black Friday sale at Walmart in 2003. I was overjoyed with a wealth of emotion because I did not have to save everything on a large portable drive, zip disks, or readable/re-writable CDs/DVDs anymore! It was amazing and it only held 128 MBs! :) 

Unfortunately, that USB drive was not large enough to handle my data and each year I had to upgrade to a larger USB drive. I followed that method for the past 12 years and now I have a 64 GB drive to save my data from my classes and research.

I hate to leave my USB drives in the classroom or even in my office and now I wear a Vera Bradley lanyard. To keep myself motivated, I wear a lanyard that matches my Vera Bradley bag of the year.

Here are some pictures!

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