Monday, April 2, 2012

A Month of College Teaching Tips - Tip #1 : Attendance is A Beneficial Practice


Next year will be my seventh year of teaching and I have always taken attendance in my classes. I realize that students might think that this practice is antiquated, but I strongly believe in a rigorous attendance policy because of the following...

1 - I believe that attendance is pivotal for student success.
Article - Link

2 - I care about my students when they are not present in the classroom.

3 - I want to make sure that my students obtain the total class experience (interaction with classmates, interaction with the professor, etc.)

4 - I enjoy interacting with the students and observing their reactions to the course content.

5 - If anything happens to a student, I am able to verify that the student attended class on a certain day (or days).


J. Edwards

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