Friday, April 6, 2012

A Month of College Teaching Tips - Tip #5 : Read Other Professors's Student Engagement Tips!


I have never had the opportunity to attend the Teaching Professor Conference (some of my colleagues have), but it is super expensive. I like the fact that you can download materials from this conference FOR FREE! 

Here's a great resource...

It seems that these tips emerged from an interactive conference session in which attendees contributed a wealth of ideas. Here are some of their ideas...

Emphasize life skills and life balance in the “start” class for all adult degree programs
a. Associates’ degree-study skills
b. Bachelors degree-org. behavior & work
c. Master’s degree-business, technology thinking skills

Community: I teach a module on using the library’s resources (primarily online resources) in two courses for English majors-one undergraduate, one graduate. I make assignments, and grade them, for 20-25% of the course grade. I have students choose a partner at the beginning of that module and work with the partner, in class, every time we do database research activities. Some of the students have hold of what they need outside of class to work together on their homework assignments for me-and then also on other assignments in other courses.


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