Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome Back to Texas! The AEJMC Conference Was Great!


I just arrived home from the AEJMC conference in Oklahoma and it was an amazing and refreshing experience. One of my colleagues from the Communication Department (@SarahMaben) organized the panel and submitted the proposal. We were accepted and I packed the car and drove to OK! It was actually an easy drive.
Gaylord Hall
We have lived in this area (DFW) for around six years and I have never driven from Texas to Oklahoma! In fact, it was my first time DRIVING out of state and actually walking from my car to a hotel in about six years! Go figure!

During the conference, I had time to network with colleagues and catch up on e-mail (which is an arduous task to say the least). I enjoyed the wonderful "conference" environment and I took a lot of notes for our 2013 Social Media Conference!

As a result of attending the conference, I plan to start a book proposal focused on Social Media and Higher Education Administration. We will see HOW long this process will take, but I am eager start!


J. Edwards - Millennial Professor

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