Monday, September 8, 2014

8 Apps for Higher Education Day!

This summer, I was fortunate to attend the "Apps for Higher Education Day" sponsored by the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) at my higher education institution. This day was planned by some of my favorite people on campus! :)

This was definitely a fun day, but I realized that I really need to diversify my higher education apps!

Here is a list of the awesome higher education apps introduced!

1 - Blackboard Mobile (Paid)

2 - My Script Calculator (Free!)

3 - Device 6 ($3.99)
 (Interactive Novel)

4 - Essential Skeleton 4 (Free!)
 (3D Skeleton)

5 - Simple Rockets (Free!)

6 - Job Genie by Blackboard (Free!)
***One of my new favorites!***

7 - Duolingo (Free!)
*This has been a GREAT app for my language acquisition quest!

8 - Educreations (Free!)
(Screen Capturing App)

In addition, the workshop facilitators invited individuals to present their favorite app to the audience! This was definitely fun! Thank you CII for hosting this amazing event!

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

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