Thursday, May 7, 2015

A List of Faculty Issues in Higher Education: A Great Resource for University Administrators and Faculty

As a tenured-faculty member, I am always excited about mentoring new faculty (especially women and new faculty of color). This mentoring relationship is always great for me because I had such wonderful mentors (both faculty and staff) when persisting through the tenure-track process.

This mentoring relationship is very important for tenure-track and tenured faculty who are seeking to become a full-professor. (This is another journey through which I am persisting right now.) Tenure-track and tenured-faculty (especially women and faculty of color) encounter along the journey towards their goals:

Here are some of the current issues and resources for individuals tied to faculty affairs roles at universities and colleges in the United States:

Current Issues focused on Faculty Affairs:

- The growing number of women and people of color in faculty positions.
- Faculty and work-life balance.
- Stopping the tenure clock for faculty who are pregnant or who are new or adoptive mothers (or fathers).
- Faculty retirement and retirement plans.
- Faculty workplace flexibility.
- Faculty involvement on universities committees and work groups.
- Faculty compensation and merit pay.
- Faculty workload (balancing researching, teaching and service).
- Part-time and adjunct faculty workload.
- Faculty Orientation
- Faculty Training 
- Faculty and External Fundraising and Grantsmanship Activities
- Faculty Recognition
- Faculty Recruitment and Retention
- Faculty Workplace Satisfaction

Faculty Affairs Resources:

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